Bob Luksa Jr.

The late Robert L. “Bob” Luksa Jr. was born on December
31, 1947 Omaha, Nebraska his parents are Robert L. “Bob”
Luksa Sr. and Dorthy M. Luksa. Bob’s wife is Jane (Zeleny)

Bob attended grade school at Assumption Catholic School
and high school at Archbishop Ryan Catholic School where he
graduated in 1966. Bob then attended college at UNO and
graduated in 1970.

Bob got his first instrument a drum set at age 3, then for
Christmas at age 5 he got an accordion. At the age of 10 or 12
he got a saxophone and took a few lessons while he was in 4-H
Club but mostly Bob taught himself to play. Bob was in the
Ryan High School Band from 1962 thru 1966. It was there that
he received a outstanding achievement award in band in 1963,
and became a member of The Polka Knights of Ryan. The Polka
Knights won first place at the Show Wagon in Brown Park.
Somewhere in this time in his life he picked up the nickname
Mouse as he was known to all his musician friends.

Bob began his professional career when the little high
school polka band became known as Frankie Remar and The
Polka Knights and they started playing for dances in 1965.
Bob also recorded several LP records with Frankie Remar and
The Polka Knights and Frank Kostka and The Boys he also was
on the 1993 video recording of The Jim Hovorka Band which
he was honored to do filling the chair of his idol George
Hovorka on Trombone.

The list of bands that Bob preformed with is as follows.

  • Frankie Remar and The Polka Knights
  • The Little Omphas
  • Frank Kostka and The Boys
  • Tiny and His Seven Bohemians
  • Red Raven Orchestra
  • Jolly Yanks
  • Little Tavern Band
  • Vern Luddington
  • Bob Blecha and The Bouncing Czechs
  • Jim Hovorka Band Video 1993
  • Kovanda Czech Band Video 1994
  • Ron Nadherny
  • Jim Bochnicek
  • Johnny Ray Gomez

According to his wife Jane who knew him best Bobby was very musically talented saxophone, clarinet, trombone, drums, guitar and piano. He was able to read music and write music.  Music was his passion he spent many hours listening to music, playing music, writing or rewriting music and recording music.  He pretty much learned how to play a lot of his instruments by himself by listening to tapes or reading books.

Bob passed away on February 15, 2011.