Stan Kucera

Stan Kucera was born in Bruno, Nebraska on June 14th, 1918. He went through 10th grade in Bruno and finished High School in Dwight, Nebraska in 1937, and started playing with Joe Kozicek in Bruno. He then moved to Omaha where he lived with his parents for a few short months.

Steve Crystal approached Stan one day and asked him to go on the road. They hailed out of Abeline, Kansas and Stan stayed with the group for over a year. During that time, Stan’s dad (who is a 1972 inductee) was playing with the Jim Hovorka Orchestra and he wanted Stan to come home and work with them, and Stan did so. He then met a very lovely girl that he says he fell madly in love with and later married her in 1941. He says he is still madly in love with her. Her name is Loretta and they had two daughters: Susan and Diane.

Other than his induction into the hall of fame, Stan is also a part of another organization: The U.S. army. He played in the Infantry Division Band for about 3 years. He went to Europe and then back home for a month and finished his service in the Phillipines. He returned home in 1946.

Stan started to play with Eddie Svoboda‘s Red Raven Orchestra with whom he stayed until 1948. Then Dave Huskey came on the picture which introduced him to a whole new style of old time music in those days. Stan played with Dave for approximately 15 years. He then decided to try playing Modern music for awhile and joined the Bob Vern band until it later on broke up.

Stan decided to hang up his horn for about 3 years…but the urge was too strong, and started back up played again soon after. Over the years Stan has played with many bands, such as:

He also played in these Modern Bands:

  • Lee Williams
  • Bob Vern
  • Skippy Anderson
  • Tommy Bishop
  • Dick Wickman
  • Don Hamsa
  • Mal Dunn
  • Orville Von Seggern (played lead alto sax and clarinet)

He has recorded with such bands as:

  • Ted Olechoski
  • Fezz Fritsche
  • Vern Luddington
  • Omaha Czech Brass Band
  • Ron Nadherny
  • Orville Von Seggern

Source: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony