Don Korinek

Donald J. Korinek was born on June 23, 1926 Dwight NE. His parents were Joseph and Katie Korinek, Don and wife Connie who is here today live in Omaha.

Don attended grade and high school at Dwight Public Schools. He got his first instrument at age 10 and joined the school band when he was in the 7th grade, he was a member of the band until he graduated in 1944. While in school Don at age 14 played his first professional job with the Frank Dolezal Band out of David City NE.

In 1945 Don entered the service and played in Pattons 61st AGF band when he returned back home he began his collage education at the University of Nebraska where he spent 6 years and received a Masters Degree in Music in 1953. Don was honered to be the Grand Marshall of the Dwight, Czech Days parade a few years ago.

The list of bands and orchestras that Don has worked for since 1940 is the who’s who of groups in the polka field as well as ballroom or big band music. The list of polka bands includes:

  • Frank Dolezal
  • Larry Leonard
  • Ernie Kucera
  • Dean Hansen
  • Czechlanders

The list of ballroom or big band groups is overwhelming:

  • Jan Garber
  • Wayne King
  • Sammy Kaye
  • Ray Pearl
  • Bob Crosby
  • Guy Lombardo under the direction of Art Mooney and the current director Al Pierson
  • Lawrence Welk at the Corn Palace
  • Don Ring
  • George Doner
  • Dave Hahn
  • Johnny Cox
  • Erine Rudy


Don played his last job with Orville and the Classic Big Band a little over a year ago at the Pla-Mor ballroom in Lincoln.

Source: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony