Bob Zbylut

Bob Zbylut was born on July 29th, 1951, in Omaha, Nebraska. His parents were Ted and Sylvia Zbylut. Bob is married to Terrie Zbylut and he has a son, Matthew, and two granddaughters: Lily and Sophie. Terrie has a son, Vance, and daughters, Tiffany and Britney, and eight grandchildren.
Bob attended grade school at St. Adalber in Omaha, and graduated from Omaha South High School in 1970. He then was drafted into the United States Army.
Bob got his first set of drums at age ten and, shortly after, played his first dance job with his uncle Milt Jaworski at a barn dance in Silver Creek, Nebraska.
Bob enjoyed being a part of these bands on a steady basis: Frankie Remar and the Polka Knights, Frank Kostka and The Boys, and Lou Hospodka‘s Little Tavern Band. Bob also received calls to sub for Greg and Bob Blecha, but the call to play for Dean Hansen Trio was the most memorable of all going all the way to Palmer, Nebraska in the middle of the week.
As a member of the Union Pacific Drum and Bugle Corp he enjoyed playing annually at the WInter Carnival in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Being a close musical friend of Rudy Dvorak‘s enabled Bob to get a chance to go to New Ulm, Minnesota and play for the Peter and Paul Wendinger Band, and also later on, they traveled to Mitchell, South Dakota to play at the famous Corn Palace with the Six Fat Dutchmen.
Bob and Rudy teamed up to form the DZ Recording Company.
Bob has been inducted into the Czech Musicians Hall of Fame in Milligan, Nebraska.

Source: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, September 10th, 2023