Kenny Grebenick

The late Kenneth Louis Grebenick was born on September 22, 1941, in Abie, Nebraska.  His parents were Al and Lucille Shimerka Grebenick.  Kenny is survived by his wife Jo Ann Kuethe Grebenick an dbrothers Al Jr., Randy, and Sister Sue Frederick.

Kenny attended grade and high school in Schuyler Public School where he graduated in 1959.  He then went to college at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and graduated with a bachelors degree in 1964.

Kenny got his first instrument, a trumpet, at the age of 9 and was taught to play by his father Al.  Later in high school he played in the band and received more music education as well as being a member of the University of Nebraska marching band.

At the age of 12, Kenny began playing professionally.  The first band he played for was Math Sladky.  Over the years while playing for his dad’s band, Al Grebenick, he also played for the Six Fat Dutchmen, Ernie Kucera, Bobby Layne, Eddie Haddad as well as others.  He also had his own group, the Kenny Grebenick combo.

To quote his brother Al Jr., “Kenny had many chance to go on the road in a bigger capacity, but decided to stay here in Nebraska and play his beloved Polkas for the many fans his dad’s band had.”

Kenny passed away on January 30, 1998.

Source: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, September 11th, 2016