Herman “Hermie” Franzluebbers

Herman Joseph Franzluebbers was born on August 1st, 1919, on a rural far near West Point, Nebraska. His parents were George and Frances Franzluebbers. Herman was married to Catherine Ruskamp Franzluebbers on June 5th, 1950, and they had nine children: Karen Hunke, Linda Thomsen, Allan Franzluebbers, Daniel Franzluebbers, Marilyn Moberg, Doris Ortmeier, Diane Cech, Duane Franzluebbers, and Glen Franzluebbers.
Herman had to quit school in the eighth grade to help at home after his father suffered a stroke.
Herman got his first button accordion at age fourteen. He had seen it in a store window and begged his dad for it for a long time. After some more time had passed, his dad purchased the accordion and Hermie began learning how to play it. At age eighteen, he started playing with friends in the area for local area events. Then, a few years later, he had the opportunity to join the King Checkers band. Herman then became a member of the Moostach Joe polka band and the Jay Sterling dance band. While playing for Moostach Joe, Herman was able to play in the countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and many states, including Hawaii.
Herman made several recordings with the King Checkers and Moostach Joe bands, and two records: Hermie and Friends, and Hermie and His Button Accordion. He could never read a note of music; he always played by ear.
Herman Joseph “Hermie” Franzluebbers passed away on April 19th, 2006.

Source: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, September 10th, 2023