Vic Kasper

Vic Kasper was born August 9th, 1910, in Prague, Nebraska. Vic married Adela Sinkule in 1935; they had 1,200 people at their wedding dance in Prague. They moved to Omaha in 1936.

For a time, Vic traveled with his father-in-law, Mr. Joe Sinkule, showing Czech films in many small towns. He then later worked for Swifts & Co. for about 30 years.

In 1947, Vic joined to Sokol Organization. He was a bartender for eight years, and was promoted to manager in 1956. His first dance as manager was September 8th, 1956, when he hired the 6 Fat Dutchmen. 1,009 people attended the dance. Beside the many local bands in Omaha and surrounding territory, Vic brought in such names as Whoopee John, Frankie Yankovic, Fezz Fritsche, Elmer Scheid, Don Peachy and many more. He was always looking for a variety of music for the dancing public.

Vic was responsible for making the Sokol Auditorium one of the top Polka dancing establishments in the country. This was not only recognized by the dancing public but by the top dance bands as well.

In 1959, Vic had a part in getting the parking lot in on the north side of the building. In 1960, Vic also had a part in getting air-conditioning installed in the auditorium, enabling Sokol to hold dances the year around. And in 1971, Vic was involved with helping establish the Sokol Omaha Polka Hall of Fame.