Frank Mokry

Frank Mokry was a member of Father Chapuran’s St. Wenceslaus Band, and from that organization, in 1928, seven members banded together to organize the Golden Prague Orchestra with James Zajic as the leader and manager. The group was very successful from its beginning and had much support from the followers of Polka music.

In November of 1931, while returning from an engagement in Lincoln, a tragic accident took the lives of two members of the orchestra. The orchestra was immediately reorganized under the direction of Frank Mokry and the acceptance of Golden Prague as one of the premiere Polka Bands in the area continued. Whenever in the areas of York, Nebraska, and Yankton, South Dakota, their appearance was sought for the radio Polka programs, and for years played monthly over the Omaha Grain Exchange radio station, WAAW.

Frank continued as manager, and gave saxophone lessons, until October of 1937 when it was necessary to leave Omaha to find employment after the Bee-News closed its doors. A year and a half later, on moving back to Omaha, he joined Eddie Swoboda and his Red Raven group. He continued with them until the pressure of a daily work day and numerous dance engagements became too tiring and he retired from the Red Raven orchestra.

After a few months, the urge to participate in Polka Music became too great and he joined John Kovarik and the J.K. orchestra. He remained with them until he played his last job on Christmas day in 1946 in this very same hall [Sokol Auditorium], and has many fond memories of great fellow musicians he performed with, including many dances at Sokol, and knew the satisfaction of hitting that last note together! Frank would become a member of Sokol in 1973, where he was a recording secretary for four years, and was a part of the Board of Directors.

Outside of music, Frank loved bowling! He bowled for 56 years, and even organized the first, and oldest, bowling league, called Sokol Bowl (Czech Commercial League).

Source: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony