Frank Kucera

Frank Kucera actually began his musical career with his accordion in 1934 with his brother Beanie, when they organized the Kucera Brothers Accordion Orchestra.  Frank then quit playing in 1941 and did not pick up his accordion again until 1955 when he organized his own band with the following members: Johnie Kucera, Anton Barcal and John Holub.  Later on, the following played with him: Bill Navratil, Louis Navratil, Joe Misek, Emil Brdicko, Charles Polanda, Frank Vyhlidal, Raynold Kubik, and Joe Kudera.

As time went on the band got smaller and was formed into a combo.  But the public asked him to enlarge his band once again and in 1968 he hired a new and young group consisting of Milo Palensky, Raynold Kubik, Emil Makousky, Allen VallishAllen Moravec and Bob Palensky. They made four albums and traveled in the states of Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, North and South Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

Eventually Allen Vallish organized his own band and Frank recruited some more new members which included Larry Skarka, Bob Polanda, Charles Polanda, Bernard Kamarad and Harold Skarka.  This new band cut two albums.  In the summer of 1978 Frank suffered a heart attack which ended his playing and the band.

Source: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony