Frank Jakes

Frank has been active around the Sokol Organization for many years. Like many of us, he grew up spending a lot of time at Sokol’s, and attending dances at Beseda Hall.

In the late 40s, Frank wanted to get involved with what was going on and started helping where where could and the involvement grew and grew to where many years later, he thought he should join the organization.

Over the years, Frank spent 15 years on the board of directors and oversaw the running of the Sokol Auditorium in some capacity. When someone had Bingo, dances, receptions, he would spend up to 70 hours a week working. There were some days he would get to Sokol at 7 AM and leave at 3 AM.

Cleaning, re-arranging, answering phones, receiving goods as they were being delivered, making repairs, and planning were some of the things that Frank did at Sokol. He has seen the ups and downs of Sokol Hall and he’ll be the first to tell you that it takes a team to accomplish what has to be done.

Source: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony