Dick McCann

The following was a letter that was written by Dick McCann. ┬áBecause of the difficulty of transcribing this from a written letter to typed text, the areas with (?) are parts that were, at best guess, what the names or words were typed in. ┬áPlease send an email to [email protected] if you have any corrections to make.

Dear Dennis,

How I’d love to be at the November 13 affair! On our 25th Wedding Anniversary – September 1, 1950 – Our countless South Omaha friends gave Vie and I such a wonderful party — and the gorgeous chest of silver. We have celebrated our 63rd September 1, 1988. Vie is in “Montclair Nursing Center” and unable to be out . (We brought her here July 5)

No one, I dare say, ever played more polka records than did I…”South Omaha Salute”…September 10th, 1943 to September 10th, 1956, 4 to 5 PM. On Saturday mornings I had live bands, plus Joe Libor and young “Lucash”(?) of Chicago. I made over 60 dedications each week, sometimes as many as 100 (record was 114). I had 2,404 polka records, 90% Czechs, too, and when I stopped the program, in the very middle of the program, in the (too many sad memories of listeners gone to a “better land”.) I gave away every record but five.

Dave Husky’s Band played Saturday mornings, Eddie Vlacek’s Band, too, and Lad Tesar(?). I “fronted” the band at young Veny’s(?) wedding to – I think The Lindsey girl?? down near Millard?

Although the Czech’s gave the pary, Sam Greenberg was the MC. Mr. Ceraemy(?) was chairman. I recorded Mr. Novotny(?), Mr. Stroba(?), Mr. Slama(?), and Al Young, and Geo Huttlemein (Been(?) flowed like Niagra). My memory is slipping!

Someday, as I’m desposing of our “tresasures”, I’ll come across the pictures of that collection.

I have sat by Vie’s bed every day, 10 AM to 7:30 PM. Too lonesome at home…

Perhaps someone will remember me? Good old “KBON”, “1490 on your dial”

A lot of good polka men lived on Eucllid Ave. in Cleveland (as I try to recall)

Well-remembered Matters:

60 records were “priceless” I am sure. They were smuggled out of Prague during WWII into Milan, Italy — finally to me as a gift. They were so beautiful – sad – and tender.

Most requested: “Blue Skirts Waltz”

First one played on first broadcast “When, When”

The party was in the “Bohemian National Hall” I believe (not far from Cerveny’s home)

Joe Lubor was an absolute genius!!

I had every record magazine ever made

A man from Columbus asked to buy all my records…I refused.

I went to the “Old Timer’s Club” to learn how to pronounce my records. How I enjoyed it.

(My memory isn’t what it was at “Sweet 80″…Whoopee!)

Dick MC