Bud Comte

Bud Comte was born on June 4, 1931 in Springfield, Nebraska.  His parents were Albert and Ada Stratman Comte.  Bud and his wife Patricia Jean Shorney Comte live in David City, Nebraska.  Children Roger and Tami Comte, Ryan and Crysti Comte, Mick and Renee Comte Kovar, Rick and Pam Comte.

Bud attended grad and high school in Springfield and graduated in 1948.  At the age of 10, Bud played drums for a combo from Louisville, Nebraska alongside his dad Albert, Paul Luken, and Evi Collins.  At the age of 12, he got his firrst real set of drums, in high school he was a member of the school band.  In 1946, at the age of 15, Bud took six lessons on trumpet.  The reason it was only six, the band director died and there was no replacement until the following year.

In his early years it was Bud on drums, sister Virginia on piano and dad Albert on marimbas and fiddle playing for every local banquet in Springfield.  In 1954, Bud’s Dance band as it was called was formed and eventually became the Bud Comte Orchestra.  The first job was at Dance Island by Wahoo and the last dance was at the Leiderkranz in Grand Island on New Years Eve 1985.  Though the 31 years the 9 piece orchestra played in several states: Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, as well as Nebraska.  In 1987, the band got together to play for daughter Renee’s wedding and then again in 1996, in conjunction with the Ruth Etting award, the band reunited for the last time.  Over the 31 years, 71 musicians worked on the band, and all but seven came back to play the event.  Today there are only seven still living.

Starting with the Combo from Louisville, Bud played for or led the following bands: Ok Jones from Seward, Nebraska; Dinky Do’s; Tommy Helton Orchestra from Omaha; David City Players (put together for David City events); Dennis Wesley; Ernie Kucera; as well as the Bud Comte Orchestra.

In 1966, named after daughter Renee, a sound studio was started in the basement of the family home.  It was moved to the garage to accommodate the many recordings and productions that would follow, it was finally moved to the 4th street location in 1989.  Over the years, 361 records, 45s, 8-tracks, cassettes, and CDs were released.

In the early 1980s, Bud along with Bob Palensky formed the band County With A Touch of Brass.  The band played many county and state fairs, country venues in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota.  Bud also developed and produced a TV show called Country Showcase for channel 8, Albion, Nebraska.  It was a one-hour show for 26 weeks.

Over the years, Bud has been inducted into the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame, Wyoming Country Music Hall of Fame, Nebraska Country Music Hall of Fame, and in 2015, he was inducted into the Nebraska Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and Individual Award and for Renee Sound Studio.

Source: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, September 11th, 2016